Photo of Yousan Xue

Yousan Xue

2022 Spring
Graduation with Honors
Entertainment Arts

Concept art & Visual development artist that is specialized in concept design of environment, props, all kinds of other development, and able to work with various of styles.

Hello there! I’m Yousan Xue, just call me Erek.

I am a motivated artist who is dedicated, high-efficiency, and friendly enough to be called “easy to work with”. My personal preference are concept art and visual developments for video games. My skills especially lean towards props, environments and visual element applications like UI system. 

I am always open to learn new things, I consider challenges as the booster of my mind. Thanks to this attitude, I am really confident in creating many kinds of designs and arts for different style and variety of purposes. Turn an idea into a practicable thing is one of the most satisfactory things in my creating experience.