Photo of Armen Garikian

Armen Garikian

Spatial Experience Design
2022 Spring
Graduation with Honors
ArtCenter Extension
Spatial Experience, Furniture & Lighting Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Exhibition Design, Retail, and Hospitality

There is no feeling like being lost in your craft

From Los Angeles, as an Armenian-American I have a profound respect, maybe even nostalgia, for the old world, and the relationship between past, present, and future is integral to my designs. Concept to product, at any scale, process captivates me, and I enjoy the craft of thinking and ideating almost as much as making. Curiosity and admiration of craft drive my desire to experiment and create - transforming experiences from multiple perspectives into beautiful things.

As an artist / creative & interdisciplinary designer interested in materials and experience, I have been drawing upon the intimate and spatial as experiential touchstones to create compelling interactive works in a variety of media.