Photo of Christine Bobae

Christine Bobae

Graduate Graphic Design
2022 Spring
Print & Editorial, Leadership, and Branding

Enneagram One Graphic Designer

I once attended a business class where I learned a leadership model that stuck with me. It was called the “Arrow Model.”

The idea was that three kinds of leaders were necessary to have a strong team. The arrowhead is the go-getter leader that seeks out new ideas and tools. The arrow tail is the visionary who sets their sights on the goal and ensures the team is going towards it. Finally, the arrow shaft is the implementer who says: “These are the things you want to do? Okay, then this is how we’re going to do it.”

As soon as I heard this, I immediately related to the implementer.

I like plans. I like to be on track. I like to create roadmaps on how to get from point A to point B. They’re my guiding North Star. My mapping process is why I love doing brand strategy and brand identity development. I draw maps to help my design team focus on their primary task and help my clients reach their destinations with assurance.