Photo of Deborah Kang

Deborah Kang

Entertainment Design
2022 Spring
Graduation with Honors

Hi, I’m Debby!

I am a Story Artist currently living in Los Angeles, California.  


Who am I? Myself! A Brazilian, Korean, American artist with stories to tell and dreams to achieve! 

Growing up in Brazil, having a Korean family background and currently residing in America made me a very unique person. I have different experiences and perspectives in life  which is an awesome skill for a storyteller. Speaking Portuguese, Korean, English and Spanish made me understand people in a deeper way enhancing my communication skills.

I love stand-up comedy, traveling, meeting new people and definitely trying new types of food! My biggest source of inspiration are my friends, family and all the funny and stupid things that happen in my life. I am also a very easy going and extroverted person, I love pitching and sharing new ideas and I am definitely not shy. I welcome constructive criticism and absolutely hate being in my comfort zone.

As a storyboard artist my goal is to learn and share all my knowledge. In the future I would like to become a showrunner or a director and therefore reach my most important goal as a storyteller: Share exciting and relatable stories to the public.

I love talking so feel free to contact me!


Instagram: Deborahkang1997


Password for Professional Work: awesomestuff