Photo of Diego Buller

Diego Buller

Graphic Design
2022 Spring
Graduation with Distinction
Transmedia, Print & Editorial, and Branding

Thinking Inside the Box

I love thinking inside the box. I love bouncing off the walls. Downsides become upsides. Problems become solutions.

Hello, I’m Diego Buller, a graphic designer, specializing in publication and branding design. While I've heard it said that creativity is “thinking outside the box,” my creative process starts by thinking inside the box. The exploration of its edges inspires my curiosity. Curiosity begets understanding and understanding begets discovery. What emerges is no longer confined to the box but is rather a reframing of the problem. The philosophy of thinking inside the box enables me to think differently about a design challenge and find solutions that are novel yet grounded. 

I’m looking for a collaborative environment in which to grow and continue my creative journey. Let’s explore the edges of the box.