Photo of Elysabeth Belle

Elysabeth Belle

Fine Art
2022 Spring
Graduation with Distinction

I specialize in Fine Art and Illustration

Elysabeth Belle was born in 1972, in Cleveland Ohio were her parents emigrated to, shortly before her birth.  She and her brother were raised in an artistic environment, being exposed to all forms of art. Her mother, a wallpaper designer, taught her about mixing colors and putting images in repeat.

Her father was a builder and contractor, from him she learned to love spaces. Belle has two children, who are often the subjects of her work.

When two people exist in the same space they exist in their perceptions and memories of that space. In combination, thinking about perceptions of reality, shared spaces, time, and memories, Belle’s paintings are a way to organize the chaos and emotions of the past through exploring not only a person but how they exist in domestic and familiar settings, which frame memory. Spaces contain a myriad of experiences and perspectives, which Belle plays with in her work.