Photo of Enrique Romero

Enrique Romero

Entertainment Design
2022 Spring
Graduation with Honors
ArtCenter Extension
Concept Art

Prop and Environment concept artist for video games and interactive experiences.

Hello, I'm Enrique!

I specialize in designing for video games and interactive experiences that put gameplay and story first. As I grew up I moved all over the United States and even out to Puerto Rico, over those years I grew attached to my Gameboy and eventually a Playstation 1 I found at a flea market, ever since my passion to help develop games that challenge and stimulates player has only grown.

I work with today's most advanced technology such as Gravity Sketch, Adobe Medium, Zbrush, Blender, and of course Photoshop to help bring ideas to the table in the most streamlined and seamless way possible to drive a project forward. I also have experience in multiple Game Jams and led the art team on Ao Shu: Spellslinger, one of ArtCenters flagship game projects. While on the project, I had the chance to work with a lead game designer, programmers, and other artists to make the game the best it could be. This summer, I will teach ArtCenter’s 4-week intensive Entertainment Design program for teens from all around the USA.

You can find more information about my work on the websites above, I look forward to hearing from you!