Photo of Jaclyn Scaramuzzo

Jaclyn Scaramuzzo

2022 Spring
Graduation with Distinction
Entertainment Arts

Just a gal in love with Background Painting

Oh hi there, thanks for clicking on my little thumbnail

My name is Jaclyn Scaramuzzo, but call me Jackie! It took me quite some time to fully learn about the animation industry and all the career options that came along with it, but boy was I stoked to learn about Background Painting for TV animation. Once I realized Background Painting was a career option, I fell in love with it. I have most recently worked as a Freelance Background Painter on an NDA short film and am excited to work on more projects and shows moving forward!

At ArtCenter I scouted out the best classes to take to improve my skills in background paint and design and have had a grand ol' time these past 3 years of my journey. I've participated in multiple short films and thesis projects as a background painter, background designer, and even jumped at the opportunity to be a part of a visual development team, creating the style and look of the environments of the short!