Photo of Janet Kahng

Janet Kahng

Spatial Experience Design
2022 Spring
Minor in Designmatters
Graduation with Distinction
Spatial Experience, Furniture & Lighting Design, Interior Design, Architecture, and Exhibition Design

Hi there– I'm Janet. I am a cynical idealist and science communicator.

Design was not my first interest growing up – it was theoretical physics. Though I had dabbled in art and illustration, I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity about the world and wanted to understand why things were the way they were, and how we as humanity could advance.

With a devotion to science, I seek solace through art and design to create the future I hope to see. I use design as a medium to communicate the pressing issues of our time, while valuing research and learning opportunities as part of the process. I think that is what makes a design most compelling; not knowing, but understanding the implications of the creation.