Photo of Nandan Siva

Nandan Siva

Spatial Experience Design
2022 Spring
Spatial Experience, Furniture & Lighting Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Exhibition Design, Retail, and Hospitality

It's the perspective

"It's the perspective", like they say it. I could develop the best kind of perspective only because of understanding design as it is. I started developing it through the lens of architectural design, which led me to ask questions about all things in the world because we as architects craft experiences for people, unbelievably personal to them. I nurtured this perspective for a very long time now which led me to think about making a personal experience with deeper meaning and sound through very customized design solutions. This is why I call myself now a multidisciplinary designer with a core in spatial design. Hi, I am NANDAN, a small-town guy from INDIA, currently working to widen my perspectival frame in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.