Photo of Sarah Minevich

Sarah Minevich

2022 Spring

Fairytale Connoisseur

Hi, I'm Sarah! I’m an Illustrator from Brooklyn, now based in LA. I plan on graduating as a Freelancer in the Publishing Industry.

My artwork features fantastical illustrations and lots of creatures! I like to explore illustration through a playful and child-like lens. I take plenty of inspiration from my childhood and the magical books I loved dearly. I aim to author and illustrate some memorable fairytales!

I enjoy creating characters, worlds, and stories that I would read as a kid. I like color, I like texture, and I like having fun with my art. I believe it's important for us to hold on to that childlike curiosity and to never feel guilty for indulging our true interests! When humans are having fun, they can create some interesting things. Human connection inspires creation. I hope we make some whimsical fairytales, together!