Photo of Summer Ahn

Summer Ahn

2022 Spring
Graduation with Honors
Motion Design

Even the simplest story can touch a heart.⟡

I still remember drawing on the living room walls and being scolded by mom. My little hands always found a blank space to express the stories I could see in my mind. A simple, unrefined mark would eventually burst into the story I wanted to tell. It was no surprise that I took the path of fine art and design. Through studying fine art, I learned to contextualize my imagination. From the surface of traditional painting and into myriad disciplines of 2D and 3D, my stories came to life while studying motion design. I’ve learned that stories come in all sizes, and even the simplest one can touch a heart. I hope to fill my blank paper with your stories – to inspire you, stir your emotions, and perhaps even change your perspective.