Photo of Totoro Zou

Totoro Zou

2022 Spring
Entertainment Arts

Background Painter & Illustrator

My name is Totoro and I was born in Guangzhou, China. I am an illustrator and background painter for feature animation/TV animation. I studied high school in Chicago. After graduation I went to School of Visual Arts for illustration major. Later I transferred to Artcenter in my sophomore year because I found my dream is to work in the animation field.

I grew up with animations from different country. In the beginning it was Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. And then is all the movie from studio of Ghibli. When I was young, I believed that the world and the characters in animations are real. Now that I’m older, maybe I don’t believe the plots in the movies are true anymore. But I hope I can convey the warmth and fantasy that I feel in all the animation to the others.