Photo of Trusha Chandan

Trusha Chandan

Product Design
2022 Spring
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Consumer Product Design, UI/UX, and Design Strategy

I love breaking the status quo !!

Hi, I am Trusha Chandan. Growing up in a small town in India, I often observed how people solved their problems in a cheap and efficient way with tools and materials around, what we call “jugad”. My grandfather often told me “Why buy things when you can make things work from items around you”.

As a User Experience Designer and Strategist, I think about the big picture and want to craft holistic user experiences by fusing design thinking with branding and business strategies. How I design the product or service is not only about solving a problem but prioritizing how people interact and feel while using it. Connecting the dots between user needs, future trends and analysis of culture and behavior, allow me to synthesize insights and identify opportunities for innovation.