Photo of Veilinda Rusli

Veilinda Rusli

Graphic Design
2022 Spring
Minor in Designmatters
Graduation with Distinction
ArtCenter Extension
Packaging and Branding

A crafty graphic designer, with an emphasis in Branding and Packaging.

I love bucket hats, so I’ve crafted my own by using handcrafting skills such as sewing and crocheting. Besides making things with my hands, my adventurous nature has also shaped me as a designer. I enjoy taking photos on solo trips and making a stop at the local bookstore wherever I go to learn about the local culture.

My optimism translates into the language of my design work. I embrace the learning process through observation and empathy. My inspiration comes from the little things in life, just like when I browse at the newsstand. The weaving of typography, illustration and photography in the magazine inspires me to transform ideas into reality.


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