Photo of Vivek R Serleena

Vivek R Serleena

Entertainment Design
2022 Spring
Graduation with Honors
Concept Art

Story, Characters and Visual Development

Hi, I'm Vivek, but you can call me Vi! I focus on telling stories through storyboards and beats. I grew up in a small town in Kerala, India, and I fell in love with movies and story-driven games at a very young age. I like to write short scripts to get myself started, then I stay very loose with my sketches, ready to redraw (or even restart!) until I get my very best result. My favorite part is when a friend or teacher sparks fresh, new ideas! I can also contribute as a character and visual development artist. I love working with others to explore, research and create new ideas! I am constantly reaching out to people, learning and coming up with ideas for new stories. Outside of my passion for art and movies, I love the outdoors and CrossFit, and I am always looking to try new things!

Let's chat ! contact me at and you can find more of my work at

Hope you enjoy my latest project The Red Law!!