Photo of Yitong Liu

Yitong Liu

Graphic Design
2022 Spring
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Transmedia and Branding

I specialize in Brand Identity Development + Media Applications

I have always had many interests, and I learn about the world mainly from my careful observation and open-minded exploration. Growing up, not only did I travel to many cities all around the world, but I also spent time teaching myself things that I’m curious about, from instruments to astrology, singing, and learning a new language. I frequently jump from Oscar Wilde’s poetry to the latest K-pop release and back again. Since I can’t help but try everything, I absorb different communities and cultures, influencing my design projects. I tend to explore different subjects in my design work, trying to celebrate the richness and scope of diversity in the time we’re in right now.​​​​​​​