Photo of Yuanyuan Tang

Yuanyuan Tang

Spatial Experience Design
2022 Spring
Spatial Experience, Interior Design, Architecture, Retail, and Hospitality

I am a spatial healing dreamer

I spent my childhood in the countryside and moved to the city center of ​​Shanghai,traveled to nearly 10 countries during my undergraduate studies. I witnessed the enormous oppression and impact of cement forests, high-pressure life and environmental pollution on people's psychology and life.

As a spatial designer, I have a wide range of interests, from anime, science to psychology. The experience of being addicted to Japanese anime taught me to use collage to tell stories, express my concept and creativity. My scientific background not only makes me more aware about my artist dream, but also makes me to cross disciplinary boundaries and use a wider range of knowledge to explore, create and solve practical problems. These skills and reflections help me come up with my own creative concepts that eventually translate into real spaces.

As a spatial healing dreamer, I try to use design and art to change the world with great idealism. Although from different countries, cultures and values, people always ​​have the same immanence, everyone needs a place to relax and comfort, whether in public or private spaces. I committed to create a small utopia that heals people's tired minds by considering both functional needs and emotional connections from people.