Photo of Axe Zong

Axe Zong

Use my name as pronoun
2022 Summer
Graduation with Honors

All about light, but more about story

People always say "what's important to a film is storytelling".

The film stops time and captures time in a way that allows the story to exist for future generations. As a graduate student from film school, I used to work more on narrative films. But I found that not only narrative films tell stories, but also documentaries, and maybe the latter tells stronger ones. So I decided to find a path to documentaries using my cinematography skills to tell authentic, impressive stories.

My passion for my artwork comes from my interest in people. I am someone who arrives at each opportunity with empathy. I share my own experiences as a way to help people feel comfortable sharing their stories with me. It is important to me that my films demonstrate that I accurately tell someone’s story. I aim to ensure their story is heard and celebrated by new audiences. I want them to see that I care about helping people see how their own story/experience can influence or inspire others. That people can be themselves and still have an impact on this world.