Photo of Cindy Shon

Cindy Shon

2022 Summer
Graduation with Honors
Motion Design

✧ Let's make something extraordinary! ✧

I have a small altar filled with clutter from years of rummaging through local thrift stores. Energized by the possibilities of unexpected finds, I search for random trinkets and glass bottles. Some may overlook these items but I find them intriguing, especially once their distinct characteristics come together. I memorize the details of their unique shapes, textures, and imperfections and wonder about the valuable stories they each hold. They are reminders that beauty exists even in the most unexpected things. To me, designers are just treasure hunters: we have the ability to see, collect inspiration, and create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Driven by design, I aspire to make the world my personal thrift store where I find inspiration within the unexpected moments in life. However, instead of looking for glass bottles or vintage books, I uncover new narratives through motion graphics, visual identity systems, and illustrations.