Photo of Elizabeth Costa

Elizabeth Costa

Interaction Design
2022 Summer

I'm a UX Researcher who advocates for the under-represented in design

Hi, I'm Liz Costa! Born and raised in Miami, I have spent my entire life surrounded by a diverse creative arts community. My inspiration and flair for experimentation comes from my cuban heritage.

As an Interaction Designer, I immerse myself in research — facilitating participatory sessions, future-casting, building design systems, funneling data and findings into mind maps. With these insights, I hand-craft the user experience to ensure trust and inclusion. I am an advocate for those ignored and under-represented, those with disabilities, women, people of color, and the lgbtq+ community. Whether I’m designing an app, a proposal or a new concept, I believe that no one should be left behind and that we as designers must break the cycle and remove biases/improve standards, serving the greater good. 

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