Photo of Madeline Jeng

Madeline Jeng

2022 Summer
Graduation with Distinction
Illustration Design

Welcome to my space!

Hello! I'm Madeline, a Taiwanese-American illustrator and designer who spent most of my childhood in Taipei, Taiwan. Right now based in Los Angeles, CA.

My art style can vary. Humorous, adorable, or whimsical characters can be seen in my work often. I also love using bold colors, as you can tell!

Editorial illustration, picture book illustration, and poster design are what I specialized in. Ceramics, paper sculpting, woodwork, and all the hands-on materials are my favorites!

I’m currently working on starting a brand in which I've started building skills in character design and product production since I discovered that was my greatest passion. 

Between the gap from now to my business running, I'm open to all in-house, freelance jobs, or any place that needs me! So please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!