Photo of Phoebe Hsu

Phoebe Hsu

Graphic Design
2022 Summer
Graduation with Distinction
Transmedia, Print & Editorial, and Branding

Filling in the Blanks

A blank space is a space left to be filled. It’s also a space to be experimented in. My favorite kind of white space as a child was the one with a part-of-speech below it—the ones found in Mad Libs. Using words, they were filled on-the-spot with classmates, without knowing what was coming after. It’s the same with my pursuit of design. I love the tactility of typography in a physical book. But, the idea of how typography exists in motion and on a 3D-surface intrigues me. I find myself in the space between design and technology, working with others to solve problems, navigating a territory of knowns and unknowns, and seeing how one medium might influence the other.