Photo of Sabrina (Yichen) Xu

Sabrina (Yichen) Xu

Product Design
2022 Summer
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
UI/UX, Design Strategy, and Industrial Design

System design | Strategy

Hi, I'm Yichen Xu. Feel free to call me Sabrina!

Born and raised in Shanghai, I have been inspired by a city that honors and embraces the mix of eastern and western cultures. From a young age, my dad and I would play a “problem solving” game, asking “Does this product make sense? How would you make it better?” Design, for me, became a natural approach to creativity and logic. 

As a Product Designer, I love learning new things, absorbing history and culture, innovation and new technology in different fields to create great user experience. I take a systematic approach to creative solutions, a mix of emotion and logic. I blend research, storytelling, market trends, and business in order to design a strategy that elevates the relationship between products and their users.