Photo of Timothy Huang

Timothy Huang

2022 Summer
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Directing and Cinematography

I specialize in Fashion & Advertising

Award-winning director Timothy Huang utilizes his diverse experience and skill set to bring visual storytelling to a new level through thoughtful planning and precise execution to the highest degree. Timothy’s vision and approach for his personal and professional work stem from his unique upbringing, not only as a pastor’s son but also as a second-generation Taiwanese American. Growing up in two different societies and cultures, his environment has allowed him to see and experience numerous perspectives, thus giving him the innate ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level rather than just on the surface. 

Combined with his love of film, food, and visual effects – Timothy aims to recreate untold stories that deserve a platform through which they can be told. Stories that bring different cultures, mindsets, and backgrounds together. And with over a decade of experience in film so far, he has done just that for clients such as Acer/Predator, Netflix, Universal Music, and Nars just to name a few. Whether it be for narrative or the branded space, Timothy is always on the lookout for the next great story to tell.