Photo of Ximena Amaya

Ximena Amaya

Graphic Design
2022 Summer
Graduation with Distinction
Transmedia, Print & Editorial, and Branding

Zimehnuh, Ksimena, Zimina, Zeemeena, Chemena, Yeemena, kHeemeena…Heemena?

Depending on where you are in the world an X can have different sounds, it can be an H, a J, a Ch, or a Z. An X also represents an infinite value in math, a value that could be anything…This is the beauty of letters, they are open to interpretation and so is graphic design, it is about possibilities, what we make of it, together.


I'm Ximena (Hee-men-a). Graphic designer from Mexico City with a strong interest in typography, spatial design and media experimentation. What can we make together?