Photography & Imaging

Images continue to be the most essential component of communication in a world with an insatiable need to be informed. Within a rich transdisciplinary educational environment, the Photography and Imaging Department stresses conceptual development and social awareness aligned with the integration of professional technique and strategies, in the development of a dynamic career in image making.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Imaging equips photographers with the expertise to turn visions into narratives and inspirations into realities. With high-level training in a close-knit focused atmosphere, our students develop; technical prowess, establish deep knowledge of photography concepts, gain ethical responsibility and cultural awareness to become a professional photographer confident in dynamic environments. 

Whether the goal is to become a commercial photographer, an artist, or both, our program ensures that the photographer creates the image rather than take it. 

Everard Williams, Department Chair

Image of Photography & Imaging

Photography & Imaging

Bachelor of Fine Arts