Photo of Angie Park

Angie Park

Graphic Design
2023 Summer
Graduation with Distinction
Transmedia, Packaging, and Branding

In kindergarten, I was known as the “lollipop girl”. I always carried a small pouch with me that was full of candy and I shared it with my friends who weren’t having a perfect day. I was sensitive to the feelings of others and wanted to help them in any way I could. Now that I think about it, this personality still informs my creative process.

As a designer, I always strive to understand my audience and to connect with the unique needs and goals of a project. I see myself as a thoughtful and empathetic observer who can focus on the details that others might overlook. I enjoy developing unique and memorable design narratives that are both impactful and long lasting.

Hi, I’m Angie Park, a graphic designer specializing in brand identity, packaging, and in designing memorable experience with conceptual narratives.  

Would you like to build a sweet moment with me?