Photo of Chrys (Jiayun) Zeng

Chrys (Jiayun) Zeng

Graduate Graphic Design
2023 Summer
Specializing in I specialize in branding and environmental design

Graphic Designer

Hello! I'm Jiayun Zeng, but my friends affectionately call me 'Chrys,' after the name of the vibrant Chrysanthemum flower—a symbol of vitality and well-being in Chinese culture, where I am from. 

As an introvert and a skilled listener, I find great resonance in connecting with others on a deep level. My undergraduate degree in Psychology has allowed me to observe and understand people and society. This invaluable perspective helps to inform the foundation for my approach in graphic design: I aspire to develop thought-provoking ideas that foster genuine connections between people, and ultimately make a positive influence on society.

Join me on my creative journey as I work to connect with the world through the Chrysanthemum's message of brightness, authenticity, and harmony.