Photo of Diderik Severin Astrup Westby

Diderik (DD) Severin Astrup Westby

Industrial Design
2023 Summer
Specializing in Consumer Goods, Design Strategy and Project Management

Great Process = Great Design

Being born in Norway and having lived internationally, I have cultivated a unique global perspective in industrial design with a strong ability to adapt. Blending my Industrial Design and MBA background, I approach decision-making from a holistic and strategic point of view that empowers me to push the boundaries of creativity while ensuring real-world value.

I thrive at the intersection of creative exploration and practical implementation. Being conscious of the impact we have on the end-user gives me great respect for the power of being a designer. Acknowledging that we are in the position to take a big part in people's life, I strive to create concepts and products that are honest and intentional. Not only to fulfil needs and create clever products, but also to captivate and inspire through memorable experiences.

I have an innate passion for staying outside of the comfort zone and find motivation in embracing a performance-oriented mindset in my design process. I particularly enjoy working beyond the confines of a computer screen, in the realms of prototyping and physical mediums, engaging with real people, and leveraging my skills as both a designer and project manager to partake in and guide projects from initial sketches through DFM.

With experience spanning from watch design to medical design consulting, I am making a pivot in my ID-track to focus on consumer electronics and the automotive industry.