Photo of Hengqi Zhao (David)

Hengqi Zhao (David)

Product Design
2023 Summer
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Consumer Product Design, Footwear and Apparel Design, and Industrial Design

- Craft a Forward-Thinking Proactive Lifestyle for Tomorrow -

I'm David Zhao. An active lifestyle has always been a part of my DNA. Whether a participant in a sport or a recovering athlete myself, I have always been inspired to celebrate healthy living. 

As a Product Designer, I am passionate about creating products and experiences that enhance an athletic lifestyle. I identify problems, gather insights, analyze needs and conduct rigorous testing in order to effectively address the pain points and deliver long-term value to users. Building a strong connection with a brand's DNA, I tell a visual story that honors its culture and history. I possess the expertise to integrate captivating marketing concepts seamlessly into my designs. With passion for sports of every kind, I want to encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle for everyone.