Photo of Inkou Lee

Inkou Lee

Brand Design & Strategy
2023 Summer

Hybrid Brand Strategist and Designer: Merging Innovation with Execution to Craft Resonant Brands

Brands have a DNA, an essence that aligns business objectives with societal value. I’ve mastered the art of tuning into this essence, harmonizing brands with consumers for profound growth. My vast understanding of both marketing and design allows me to craft strategies that are as compelling in market analysis as they are visually. Neither swayed by short-lived marketing trends nor captivated by aesthetics alone, I understand that a robust brand finds its strength in the marriage of both. My forte lies in integrating strategic insight with design flair, navigating the entire brand ecosystem with a holistic touch.

In my tenure at GC Biopharma in Korea, I led the introduction of global B-Corp certified brands to Korea. By harmonizing global values with local nuances, I catalyzed elevated brand engagement, sales, and retention. My transformative touch also reignited the dwindling fortunes of 'Novalac' and revamped tech products into lifestyle essentials at Singapore's Energy Wave Worldwide Pte. Ltd., registering a 150% sales hike.

My ongoing studies at the Art Center College of Design, have further solidified my prowess in strategic brand-building and global operations. Melding practical experience with theory, I've contributed to strategy formulation and design for brands such as Timberland, Hoka, Aerofarms, and Microlino, elevating my caliber as a brand strategy leader.

Armed with a multidisciplinary branding expertise and fluent multinational communication skills, I stand at the crossroads where innovation meets execution. My journey, marked by keen analysis, collaborative spirit, and ceaseless passion, positions me to continually elevate brands towards new horizons.