Photo of Kalex Shen

Kalex Shen

Graphic Design
2023 Summer
Minor in Designmatters
Graduation with Distinction
ArtCenter Extension
Packaging and Branding

Let’s push the boundaries of normal.

Finding people who truly get you is the best feeling. However, I didn’t have that as a child. Growing up gay in a traditional Chinese household, my queerness wasn’t considered “normal” by kids from school or my family. I was constantly aware of how I was perceived and made choices to appear “not gay,” even though I had no idea what it meant to be “straight.” Then, I realized what was “normal” for others didn’t fit with who I was. I needed to find my tribe, people who could share in my experiences and accept me for who I was. This applies to my designs as well. Whether it involves packaging or branding development, I strive to create designs that forge an emotional connection with my audience. I want to help you bring your vision to life and connect you with your tribe.