Photo of Lu Chen

Lu Chen

Spatial Experience Design
2023 Summer
Graduation with Honors
ArtCenter Extension
Specializing in Spatial Experience, Interior Design, event, Exhibition Design, Retail, and Hospitality
Spatial Experience, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, Retail, and Hospitality

Exploring the joyful world with spatial design

Lu is joyful, whimsical, empathetic, and adventurous. With a passion for education and entertainment, she designed toy blocks that introduce children aged 3-6 to diverse global cuisines, fostering cultural appreciation and expanding young minds.

Beyond toys, Lu's creativity knows no bounds. She curated an impactful exhibition using a shipping container, unveiling the hidden impacts of fast fashion and effectively communicating the industry's social and environmental consequences.

Her graduation project focused on bringing families and kids closer through play experiences in everyday activities like running errands and grocery shopping. Lu envisions play happening everywhere, making family time more enjoyable and interactive.

With her passion for design and storytelling, Lu leaves a positive impact on young minds, society, and family connections. Her work reflects her dedication to making a difference and inspiring others along the way.