Photo of Mia Kovalyak

Mia Kovalyak

Brand Design & Strategy
2023 Summer
Specializing in Digital Product Design & Strategy

Product Designer & Strategist

Hi! I’m Mia Kovalyak. I am a digital product designer and strategist based in Pittsburgh, PA. I focus on creating impactful design solutions for next-generation audiences and beyond. 

Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve built a strong career in digital design and strategy that largely focused on web and mobile-based designs. I am looking to delve deeper into product design, where I can combine my passions for creativity and logical thinking.

As a designer, I strive to wholeheartedly understand my audience to create solutions that are truly centered around the user and resonate with them. I methodically approach my designs with a combination of empathy, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine sense of care resulting in long-lasting and impactful designs.