Photo of Nastassia Mejia

Nastassia Mejia

Product Design
2023 Summer
Minor in Designmatters
Graduation with Distinction
Specializing in Exploration and CMF
Industrial Design

I am Nastassia Mejia. I grew up in Miami in an artistic household full of strong, powerful women. A diversity of fashions, local art, and a passion for DIY crafting, led me to design. I am inspired by experiences, playing, pushing, going wide and wild to conceptualize what life will be like in 10/20/50 years.

 It is my responsibility to create opportunities that sustain into the future, 
a balance of intrigue and mindfulness, context and craft. I explore the details, creating an emotional story through CMF- color, material, and FEELING. 

As an Industrial Designer, I want to bring a diversity of thinking, and being,
 into my inspiration for crafting new products and experiences.