Photo of Otto Martin Moreno Alonso

Otto Martin Moreno Alonso

Fine Art
2023 Summer
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors
Specializing in I consider myself primarly a sculpture, I focus in using ordinary objects and creating complex geometrical estructures around them.

Otto Martin Moreno

Otto Martin Moreno was born in Mexico City, 2000. Throughout the
 creative inquiry, he spends time thinking and questioning various things regarding space, geometry, materials, volumes, and masses. Martin Moreno has shown a natural appeal for Art and plastic creation since childhood. One could acknowledge that his knowledge of Modern Architecture and Contemporary Design has made his practice- a tridimensional environment, neglecting almost any type of work that doesn’t revolve around sculpture or installation. Most specifically, he was interested in Emotional Architecture from a young age. Martin Moreno enjoys walking through Mexico City and visualizing architecture in the street, finding and understanding the lines and perspectives that govern it, trying to produce a narrative about them by tracing and placing them on a sketchbook. Every line, figure, and material object displaced in space has a reason and story to tell; this allows him to imagine shapes, underlining an elegant aesthetic of color, monochromatic self, and material purity. 

Martin Moreno’s first works started in 2017, attending a course on sculpture and materials in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Later, he had a collective exhibit- El Comienzo, with an emerging virtual gallery in Mexico City. In 2019, he worked with Art Legacy Texas, in the exhibition Santikos Art in the Garden. After this, Martin Moreno worked on the sculpture Hashtag, commission to the Mcnay Art Museum, Tx. Furthermore, he deliver an awarded monumental 

sculpture- Mi Compa, for a public permanent exhibition at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Va. Martin Moreno was a TEDx speaker at Palo Alto College, Texas; with the talk, I was trying to become an entrepreneur but ended up as
 an artist. His work has been displayed in numerous major auction houses in Mexico City as Arte Vivo Foundation- helping in sexual education and several galleries between Mexico City, Mx, and Sandiego, Ca. Martin Moreno is currently enrolled in Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He is studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He expects to graduate by Spring 2023.