Photo of Sian Marshall

Sian Marshall

2023 Summer
Specializing in My work is often thoughtful, especially if I’m working off of existing source material, and I use colour, texture and pattern to enhance my graphic style.
Illustration Design

Hi, I'm Sian!

I’m a queer designer and illustrator with a love of narrative and storytelling. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember, since I was old enough to pick up a piece of chalk. My favourite things to draw were scenes from stories I made up in my head, though my skills often couldn’t keep up with my enthusiasm.

Despite this, I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2019, just before the Covid 19 pandemic started. I’d realized partway through my degree that art was my passion, so at the beginning of 2021 I started attending ArtCenter. My family moved around a lot, and that, paired with my Psychology degree, have given me a unique perspective on both the world and the human psyche. My art is often inspired by fairytales and mythology, as well as my own personal experiences. Sometimes I make short narrative comics that based on original stories, something I hope to continue to be able to do in the future. 

My hope is to work in-house, particularly in the publishing industry, though I’m open to freelance work as well.