Photo of Terry Liu

Terry Liu

Graphic Design
2023 Summer
Specializing in Package Design
Packaging and Branding

I'm Terry Liu

As a dedicated reef keeper and a passionate lover of aquatic ecosystems, particularly coral reefs, I am captivated by their mesmerizing beauty. I am committed to utilizing eco-friendly methods in my reef keeping and design work, recognizing the vital importance of protecting our delicate ecosystems. Nature is my sanctuary, providing a tranquil respite and boundless inspiration. Engaging in activities like hiking and camping allows me to immerse myself in the splendor of the natural world, often influencing my packaging designs. My mission is to infuse a sense of awe and a feeling of belonging to the natural world in my designs. This is achieved through a unique blend of color, texture, imagery, and material exploration, always with an emphasis on sustainability. I invite you to collaborate with me to create and preserve our natural world through conscious design.