Photo of Zhirou Li

Zhirou Li

Graphic Design
2023 Summer
Graduation with Honors
Specializing in I specialize in Branding & Publication
Publication (Print), Print & Editorial, and Branding

Shanxi, Beijing, Los Angeles. Quaint, prosperous, diverse. Mountains, buildings, sunshine. The experience of living in Shanxi is leisurely and comfortable. There are forests where you can connect with nature. Student life in Beijing was tense, with high-rise buildings and busy crowds pushing my shoulders. Now I find that Los Angeles combines the characteristics of both cities. Life in Los Angeles is simultaneously relaxed and energized.

Living in these vibrant cities has been an incredible journey that has broadened my design perspective. The exposure to diverse languages, traditions, and contrasting viewpoints has enhanced my ability to connect with an audience and solve complex challenges. It has also inspired me to create work that seamlessly blends cultures and resonates with people.

Hi, I am Zhirou Li. I am an avid explorer, researcher and listener. Let’s create some enriching work together.