Photo of Ziyue Bai

Ziyue (Michelle) Bai

Product Design
2023 Summer
Minor in Material Science
Graduation with Honors
Consumer Product Design, UI/UX, and Industrial Design

Hi, my name is Michelle Bai!

Attending an International School in Shanghai, I discovered my love for drawing, sketching, and handcrafting. It evolved into a life of DIY, model-making, and design.

As a Designer, I want to make ideas come to life. I love working in a highly collaborative environment, ideating in 2D and 3D, making a concept tangible and real. From the hands-on process to the cycle of testing and refining, I love exploring the details - the colors, textures, form, and finish. People come first in my design, crafting products that are beautiful, helpful, and ignite a sense of fun.