Message from ArtCenter

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Lorne M. Buchman, PhD President

It is a privilege to welcome you here today. On behalf of the Board of

Trustees and the faculty and staff of ArtCenter College of Design, I congratulate

you, the graduating class of Fall 2021, on the milestone you

have reached.

You’re graduating at a challenging moment in history. The pandemic has

forced us all to quickly adapt to the new normal. It’s changed how we come

together. It’s changed how we collaborate. It’s changed how we celebrate

our accomplishments.

One thing it hasn’t changed is the importance of our community. We understand

now, more than ever, that ArtCenter is much more than a modernist

building above the Rose Bowl or a supersonic wind tunnel near the Gold

Line. What makes ArtCenter unique are the lifelong connections that form

among our students, faculty, alumni and staff.

Facilitating these relationships is a practice that lies at the heart of the

College’s educational model: “Make to know.” Knowledge through creation

is a special kind of learning that happens whether we’re in Pasadena or

downtown L.A.; abroad in one of our Community Hubs in Beijing, Shanghai,

Shenzen and Seoul; or online while utilizing our ArtCenter Studio in a Box.

The lessons you learned at ArtCenter—particularly during this time—will

serve you well. Whether you’re tackling a design brief, crafting a personal

story, or bringing diverse groups together, you’ll proceed with confidence

and the knowledge that you can handle any challenge life throws your way.

Yes, hard work lies ahead. But for today, revel in this moment. Bask in your

achievement. Take a much-deserved breath of fresh air.

This is your day. You’ve earned it. And you’ve made us all so proud.

Lorne M. Buchman, PhD