Photo of Brianne Johnson

Brianne Johnson

Photography & Imaging
2021 Fall
Minor in Business
Graduation with Honors

A Woman of Many Hats

My name is Brianne Johnson. I have been involved in several artistic passions - theater, photography, painting, writing and have a background in scientific studies - anthropology, psychology, and the humanities. My favorite part of artistic expression is the ability for the medium to tell stories, allowing for the discovery of complex ideation, the transmission of intangible ideas, and the construction of entire worlds within worlds.

As a Creative, image making and storytelling allow me to play with perspectives and different points of view. I love bringing the impossible into reality and often delve into the surreal. Surrealistic photography gives me the opportunity to play with the absurd and manipulate imagery through whimsical composites, exploring various aspects of the human condition. Combining illustration and the written word, I paint stories with the fantastical images I dream about. My creative journey pushes me to escape logic, explore creativity, and react to the features of existence that pose some of the biggest mysteries of humanity - all of which begin with a single question: why?