Photo of Dayne Dyer

Dayne Dyer

Photography & Imaging
2021 Fall
Graduation with Distinction

Hello, my name is Dayne Dyer and I shoot through the lens of desire.

Growing up in Northern California I was surrounded by the beauty of nature, alongside the lovely people I get to call my family. My home life was amazing, my parents really cared, and I was homeschooled, but I was raised in and around a fairly strict religious mindset. Fashion, image, wealth, want, and desire as a whole were taboo’d.

For me as on image maker, or really as a kid in general, I was attracted to all the things that were ‘bad,’ beauty, girls, cars. Through Imagery I was able to explore rejection, sexuality, my self image, want, and loss. As a photographer today I am passionate about the freedom that imagery, and the act of being an image maker, affords me. When someone views my imagery, my hope is for them to experience some of this freedom and discovery. I love exploring the wanting that we have as human beings, the want to be seen, the want of an image. I am attracted to the evocative, to beauty, to what I find seductive. I am curious about desire, my own and the desire of other’s, and to what those desires have to say about us. I seek to bring my viewers into this involvement driven journey of self discovery. 

Exploring and creating a conversation surrounding these dualities to life, about perception, fascinates my process. What is shiny on the surface, like a fine automobile, must also have a shadow side. For in order that there be shine, there must first be light, and if there is light, there must also be darkness. This fast pace, and the fast life attracts me, but I am really drawn to the vulnerability that starts to be revealed in those wants and desires. I am always looking at love and loss, life and death, good and evil, the beauty in the surreal. For me as a photographer it is really about my desire to share a world, my world, a world that is seductive, reflective, and all immersive. Yet in the seduction of the immersion, there is layered vulnerability and truth. I share my imagery in order to see and be seen.