Photo of Em Wright

Em Wright

Photography & Imaging
2021 Fall
Graduation with Distinction
ArtCenter Extension

Wildlife and Organic Texture Photographer

Hi, my name is Em. Growing up in rural San Diego, I was a different kind of kid. I loved to be immersed in nature, was fascinated by wildlife and became obsessed with spiders. I eventually earned the nickname, the “Spider Lady” as I opened people’s eyes to the beauty of arachnids.

I see photography as a way to challenge preconceived notions and advocate for the misunderstood. My love for spiders, bugs and all arthropods grew as I saw the way people vilified them as evil and dangerous monsters, not the beautiful, innocent creatures they are. By highlighting and celebrating the humanizing factors and comical proportions, I focus on details that are both emotional and scientific. Through my work, I want to start a conversation, a collaboration, pushing people to confront their fears and think differently.