Photo of Juliet lambert

Juliet lambert

Photography & Imaging
2021 Fall
Graduation with Honors

Hi I'm Juliet! Born and raised in San Antonio, I was always the shy kid who hid behind my mom's legs in public and found comfort catching grasshoppers and exploring the outdoors. Through photography,  I found the lens to come out of my shell and a new way to engage and build instant connection with others.

As a Photographer, I want my work to be a conduit that allows people to reflect on themselves and create a deeper connection between people and the natural world. I love to play, experimenting with perspectives, motion, lighting, and shadows. I want to challenge norms and expectations,  exploring what’s hidden, what’s unexpected, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. I want my imagery to be a collaboration, a reflection, one that allows people to feel a deeper connection to themselves and to others.