Photo of Kangho Kim

Kangho Kim

Transportation Design
2021 Fall

I specialize in Transportation Design (Exterior)

Hello, my name is Kangho Kim and I specialize in Transportation Design (Exterior). I was born in South Korea and came to United States when I was 14 years old. Drawing was my biggest talent since I was young. I decided to become a car designer when I was 18 and that was a good choice. Because of that choice, I came to Art Center and not only I learned various skills at school but also I met a lot of good people.

I always try to break my boundaries and not afraid to get out of my comfort zone. With my valuable skills: sketch development, concept development, storytelling, design process, and 3d modeling, I want to inspire people.

I am very glad that I am graduating Art Center, and it's time to write a new chapter of my life!