Photo of Ruilun Ji

Ruilun Ji

Transportation Design
2021 Fall

Automotive Designer

Hi, I’m Ruilun Ji (Zero). I am an incoming Transportation Design graduate of ArtCenter College of Design. Since youth I have always enjoyed visualizing my imagination, which brings me a lot satisfication. With all the details I observe inspiring me, I dedicate my living experience to creativity.

Coming from China, I respect and appreciate learning about various cultures and perspectives. I studied at College for Creative Studies in Detroit before moving to Los Angeles to complete my automotive design study at ArtCenter. I am aware of the difference between the east and west of the state.

During my tour at ArtCenter,I trained my skills of researching, sketching, rendering, modeling and self-learning, which help me professionally realize my ideas into believable designs.

I hope my creativity and my professionals can be continuously improved in the design career. My innovative design can lead the industry and the world to a better future.

Thank you for knowing me and please feel free to contact me!

Ruilun Ji