Photo of Aria Ghalili

Aria Ghalili

2021 Summer
Entertainment Arts

Illustrator, Character Designer and Storyboard Artist.

Growing up, cartoons were always more than just colors on a screen, but real and immersive worlds I would lose myself in. All I ever wanted to do was reach out and join those characters and be part of the story. I taught myself how to draw, and so it became like a superpower, allowing me to escape my world and instead create my own reality, flooding them with characters and narrating my own unique stories.

This is why I fell in love with animation, because it has the innate ability to harmonize storytelling and art in an almost limitless capacity. What a dream for any artist! I want to to be able to tell stories and paint them in beautiful, palpable characters that, even if for a brief moment, allows someone to forget the regiment of their own daily lives and become completely submerged in an entirely new experience. And perhaps enjoy a bit of popcorn on the side.