Photo of Kayla Aimone

Kayla Aimone

Photography & Imaging
2021 Summer

I Specialize in Fashion, Photography and Imaging and Business

Hi my name is Kayla Aimone. As a kid my family was in the world of academics and I spent time bouncing from one boarding school to the next.

Time spent on the east coast was infused with trips to New York and Boston, surrounded by art, fashion and photography.

As a designer today, i’m a blend of creative fields, immersed in the exploration of emotion and the beauty of juxtapositions. 

I see the business of fashion as an evocative blend of sculpture and imagery, making history. 

The business of photography is capturing raw emotion, fine art and style. 

In any medium I design, I explore opposites- 

comfort and discomfort, motion, stillness, destruction and beauty; 

in order to understand the world and express our experience of living.